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magical dancer alleyesun

magical dancer allison

magic dance allison


We are energy in an energy field,
making visible the invisible...

Magical dancer alleyesun
All-Eye-Sun the Magical Dancer

"It's only in a sacred way that the real
magic of creation can blossom,
and that moment cannot be choreographed.
It is the great cosmic improvisation,
the ultimate experiential transcendence."
Dance in Tibetan Monastery of Woodstock
Video by Neil Colligan

"All Eyes on the Sun" to remember our Life-Force!

I change my conceptions of myself
and the world around me,
becoming pure energy in an energy field.

"Playing with invisible waves of pure energy,
in a world full of invisible magic!"
(art by Allison)

LOOKING UP into the vortex
power dancer allison energy
'Gazing into the Funnel of Energy,
the vortex of filamental exchange between above and below'
(notice floor boards),
by Gabe Kirchheimer

Allowing the Mega-Forces
  The confusion of external chaos no longer interferes
when one shifts sensors and opens that hidden inner eye,
It's the only way to see the parallel world of pure energy,
We fear loss of control, but the attitude should be
one of giving in to the difference...

Magic dancer allison jones

'Spinning round the vortex of energy,
filament between earth's core and the cosmos beyond,
with the Heart being our 'Greatest Sensor'

The ALLOWING-THE-HEART poem, by All-Eye-Sun:
As I push the envelope
of human limitations
and fly free across the floor,
I am making visible the invisible,
Manifesting the possibilities
when a human heart is allowed
to open and swallow
the current of life whole.

  Energy radiates off the earth from it's spin,
so, by tapping it and allowing it to rush up the spine,
this will open the door for cosmic energy to rush DOWN.
The thread is like a "Filamental-Exchange"
between the core of the earth
and the mega-powers generated by the larger spin that moves all,
the great spin that the galaxies and clusters arc along through the universe!


(Funneling Magnetic Fields)

    The earth is spinning super fast, unnoticeably under our feet, and yet, we can tap this energy to achieve a greater goal. Tapping the earth's energy increases our ability to handle intense energy, as it opens the door to funneling the super-intense cosmic energy raining down from beyond the beyond. There is so much intense energy, all invisible, that sends our bodies zinging across the universe, like the spin of the sun. The spinning earth is spinning around the sun, which is spinning around the galaxy, around an even greater core of ultimate transformation. Galaxies spin along in their great arc through the infinite, in a unified local direction that's larger than comprehension.
    The energy flying off the earth can be tapped to flow UP the spine, which then, opens the top of the spine (head), which ALLOWS the energy from above to rush DOWN the spine (like a Fire-man's hose pouring down the spine from above). It's so intense that the reflex is to stop it.
    One is tapping the spin of the earth, which manifests as energy radiating off the surface, in filaments of pure energy that radiate out directly into space. When the energy from the earth gets flowing through, it will burst out the top (of the head), and suddenly, like opening a door, allow the cosmos to pour in, intensely, as if a Fire-man's hose was funneled through the core of one's body (core of the core). The energy of the cosmos to pour in from above. Energy greater than a galaxies, because it's the energy that moves all the galaxies and clusters of galaxies! The filament of simultaneous exchange between the universe and earth is lined up to a specific point out in the infinite, perfectly, creating the simultaneous flow of energy from two opposite directions through the core of the human being (inside the spine, and the core of this core).
    The power generated in the cosmos by so many Mega-Spins, this power is much greater than the earth's spin. But the earth's spin prepares the body to handle the intensity of cosmic power. The universe generates mega-forces that are soooo powerful... that the human body can't handle any of the intensity without practice, and learning how to allow mega-forces flow through after meditating for an hour to achieve that point in existence. Eventually the rushing starts, and energy is rushing UP the spine, with it's intensity increasing and rapidly, suddenly so fast, and it's so intense, that the body can no longer handle it, and stops it. The practice is to constantly to increase the length of endurance, enduring increasing intensity rushing down the spine from the cosmos. And only practice can teach the body to tolerate the intensity, and that means meditating on the invisible energy that's all around, stretching into the infinite. Meditating every day for an hour is the level of dedication needed to pace to the point of an experiential transcendance.
    Tapping the energy generated below our feet, by the earth, leads to tapping the energy generated beyond us, out in the infinite. It takes meditation, which is really concentration. Meditation is focus and concentration. Thus, my dance is a Meditation in Motion! To allow the power of the universe to rush through, one must meditate, focus on the spine's energy. This was always my destiny (from the ball of electrical fire that rushed through me as a child), but, by learning to meditate from Paramahansa Yogananda (read "Auto-biography of a Yogi"), was the key that made it manifest. SEE booklet

dancer allison jones woodstock
Portrait of AlleyeSun @ by Lisa Phillips
Woodstock 1999, after she did the first-ever Goddess Festival.
(featuring women lead singers or their band, and from around the world!).
 see productions

"Most People want to change themselves,
but Artists want to change the world!"

    (anonymous author)

dancer allison jones magical spinner
"Galactic Spinner", 1977 Tikal
(drawn by allison, then she began spinning in 1979)

SPINNING is the KEY by AlleyeSun
Spinning is the Key,
From the core of our DNA
to the galaxy we move with,
spinning is the spark,
the fire, the force,
the magic, the miracle,
within all of creation.

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"All-Eye-Sun the Magical Dancer"
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    Contains 16 pages, 4.25" x 5.5"
5 color photos and 4 drawings, all with quotes and explanations!

AlleyeSun's learned to change her conception of herself and the space around her, "becoming pure energy in an energy field"!


ABOUT the MUSIC in the Dance Videos
      GO to: SEE Magical-Dance Videos =

1) "Galactic Traveler"
2) "Playing with the Planet"
3) "Dancing with Buddha"
4) "Illuminating the Vortex"

1) More Info on 'Galactic Traveler'
Time - 3:47
Music by - The Crystal Method', CD "Vegas", song "High Roller"
Filmed by - Beth Bliss
Filmed inside - Studio used to broadcast cable television show, "Spirit of Woodstock" 2000.

2) More Info on'Playing with the Planet'-
Time - 4:34
Music by - Angelique Kudjo,
Filmed by - Glenn Hirsch.
Filmed inside - Studio used to broadcast cable television show, "Dream Dancer Time" (2000) Woodstock, NY.

3) More Info on'Dancing with Buddha'
Music by - Peter Gabriel, CD "The Passion of Christ"
Time - 1:23
Filmed by - Neil Colligan.
Filmed inside - the Tibetan Temple, KTD, the Tibetan Monastery in Woodstock, New York 2000.
      (AlleyeSun has danced in the major temples of the world -
      India, Greece, and Yucatan (Maya Indians).
Her Tibetan name is "Kon Chog Cho Tso" (Triple Jewel Dharma Lake)
SEE her Tibetan Name certificate

4) More Info on'Illuminating the Vortex'
Time - 3:30
Music by - Loreena McKennit song "Prologue", from CD "The Book of Secrets"
Filmed by - Glenn Hirsch.
Filmed inside - Studio used to broadcast cable television show, "Dream Dancer Time" (2000).
Danced - with only a white scarf, and nothing else (except the socks to spin on)!


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